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David A. Barnes


     Kent A. Barnes

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Waynesville, North Carolina 28711

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Located near Asheville, North Carolina we convert gas vehicles into electric powered vehicles (BEV's). A conversion of an existing vehicle is usually much less than the new manufactured electric vehicles. Vehicle conversions are ideal for a commuter, a second car and to drive a more environmentally friendly vehicle. We can convert your existing vehicle or find you a vehicle and convert it for you.


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                Photos of  Toyota T100 Conversion            

156 volts


     Photos of S10 Conversion                                                                                                     Photos of  Mazda Conversion

                144 volts                                                                                                                                                   120 volts     

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 Available for consulting, mentoring, hands on advisor, etc. Public Speaker w/PowerPoint for groups, schools, etc.

We can supply you with components to do your own conversion, just send an email for information.




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